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Meem by Mariyah is a Haute Couture Modest Fashion Brand operating under the license of Meem Ventures Fashion Designing 

I am ‘Mariyah’ born and brought up in the progressive environment and culture of the most attractive city in the world. My passion for modest fashion is something I grew up with from the time I started putting small embellishments in my School uniforms without compromising on the modesty or the form of the clothing. The notice and praise I received, brought a feeling of completeness and freedom which kept growing in me.

Bringing Meem by Mariyah into its existence is just an extension of that freedom I wanted to share with the world where modesty remains the central theme and the vibrant mix of colours, adornments gives each one of ‘us’ an aura of a cultured, modern and independent woman. 

Modest clothing has never been dependent on any religion, cast, creed or culture and even gender for its existence. It has and will always be a representation of Your Inner Self, Your Character Strength, Your Uniqueness and Your Authority over yourself. Clothes talk! They reflect your personality! They reflect YOU! Modest clothing has and will always be my representation of who I am. And here I stand in front of you announcing my own brand, created by me, shaped by me, nurtured cared and built by me and I couldn’t have made it more beautiful than it is today.


Meem by Mariyah is all about your soul, the inner self which needs liberation. It talks life! It talks colors. Modesty isn’t limited! Rather it’s infinite. Modesty is dress that reflects you in a manner which demands respect, elegance and grace. I have tried to incorporate all this in my brand catering to your demands and wants. At one click you will find modest dresses that you can’t ignore. Every master piece carefully crafted to meet modesty. The dresses and flowy like wind. They are beauty yet subtle. They are comfortable so you won’t want to part. They are gorgeous which meets your eye and their is no looking back. They are made to perfection which is limitless. I guarantee you Satisfaction, Pleasure and Positivity with these designs to compliment you every day.

Abayas are unique. They are not limiting you to traditional designs. The craftwork and styles are making you realize that the world of modest clothing is so beautiful and gorgeous. Every one wants to enter the majestic world and explore and come to know that abayas are the most beautiful form of expression Of your uniqueness. Their are unlimited colors for you to choose from. You want to fly like a butterfly or swim like a swan. Your dreams are endless and so are our aim to make you reach your dream through our clothing. Be it pastel hues or bold royalty.

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